I’m confussed.

Student log in

We have students setup with one teacher in a class and I entered the students for my class and the system gave them new logins and passwords. The students need only one login.
We need one report per child with all the classes they are assigned. What do I need to do?
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  • We advise that students have only one log in to Think Through Math. There is no ability to merge student accounts as it would skew the data generated by the student. It is best to decide who will have ownership of the students’ log in information prior to creating accounts; you can have multiple teachers assigned to classes so that it is easy to monitor students who may use the program with a specialized teacher as well as with their regular classroom teacher.

    The best recommendation is to have the students continue with the account that houses the majority of the data they’ve generated and then to mark the other log in as an inactive student account. For further explanation and assistance, please contact us at 866.357.8664.
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